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Ceramic braces

Clear braces

The perfect combination
of aesthetics and efficiency

If you didn’t have orthodontic treatment when you were young and want to improve your smile, ceramic braces, also known as clear braces, could be the solution for you. Virtually invisible, ceramic braces blend in with the natural look of your smile.

What are clear ceramic braces?

Clear ceramic braces are the aesthetic alternative to traditional braces. Using the system of brackets and archwires that traditional metal braces do, the difference is, ceramic braces use clear brackets. These are specially designed to provide support for the archwire while delivering a compact, inconspicuous design.

The ceramic brackets are the colour of teeth so they blend in with the colour of your smile. This makes them cosmetically appealing when compared to traditional metal braces which are difficult to hide.

At Port Macquarie Orthodontics, we use Clarity™ ADVANCED ceramic brackets by 3M.

  • Clear ceramic braces
  • Clear ceramic braces
  • Clear ceramic braces

Ceramic braces for teenagers

We know teenagers can feel self-conscious about having orthodontic treatment, which is why we offer ceramic braces as an appliance option. Because ceramic braces match the colour of a patient’s teeth, they won’t attract attention like traditional metal braces do.

A clear choice

When people think of orthodontics they usually think of traditional metal braces and not much else. Here at Port Macquarie Orthodontics we want to change this mentality so that patients know the wide range of options that are available to them when correcting their smile. Ceramic braces provide a great alternative that ticks all of the boxes.

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